Woeful evening at Headingley

So after the rugby league marathon I went through last weekend which ended with Leeds Rhinos losing at away at Hull KR, I thought this weekend would have more to offer for me. I actually live in Hull (so you can imagine what this week was like at work) so getting from Hull to Leeds itself is a bit of a nightmare, with a husband who works for a newspaper, getting away before a deadline is due is pretty hit & miss, but we always make the trip, rush or no rush, although this week it felt like I wasn’t rewarded for my effort.

Yesterday we had in tow, Mike Hudson, who was going to only his 4th game ever (Is he the bad luck charm?) Somehow I’ve managed to turn him into a Rhinos fan & with the season that we’re currently having, that some mean feat (Might have something to do with the free tickets I keep giving him). He says it’s fine, it helps him learn about the bad plays as well as the good plays, ever the optimist.
Unfortunately the rest of my family, which consists of my mum, dad & husband, do not share the ‘new supporter’ optimism, we’ve been there too many times to think this is OK.

Last night was one of the worst performances I’ve seen in a long time, which with a new coaching staff & supposedly new start, it very worrying. Tackling was slack, plays were not thought through & there does not seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel. Put that with players who seemingly don’t look like they care (I hope to god this is not true) & pathetic brawls for no reason, it’s really not helping matters.

Next up, Bradford Bulls away…going to Odsal is never nice, but after a heart wrenching draw with Wigan, an away loss at KR and a hammering of all proportions at home against Huddersfield (the first in 51 years), it doesn’t bode well. All I can do it delve deep down into my pessimistic self & search for that ‘new supporter’ optimism. Will it help?

Carly Bond

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