Apple to announce multiple watches at WWDC

Apple iWatch

Rumours are starting to stir ahead of next weeks WWDC, this time around the press dubbed “iWatch” .. No evidence of a piece of wearable tech has yet leaked out of apple HQ. However, the chances of an unveil at the WWDC are very likely.

Most of these rumours are founded simply by the fact Apple have thought to have hired hundreds of hardware and software design staff.. Swiftly followed by the application for a patent for a wearable computer designed for the wrist.

But wait.. Apparently Apple won’t just be releasing one “smart watch” – apparently a collection is said to début. All believed to sport round faces, and not oblong as previous rumours suggested.

One thing we can be sure of, is if they do in fact release a wrist based iOS device, it will almost certainly have close connections to the HealthBook app.

As always, the more talented web goers have been hard at work mocking up potential concepts of the watch, the most popular on the net seems to be the “Goliath”, mocked up by Danny Mindspi from Argentina, which you can see in this YouTube video


I think the price point will prove crucial on this, not only does it have other smart watches to contend with – but also a market saturated with “health bands”

Will I buy one..? That all depends on the feature set, and again the price point..

Am I excited at the news..? Of course! What kind of an apple fan boi’ would I be if I wasn’t!

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Apple to stream WWDC 2014 keynote

WWDC 2014

Apple have confirmed that this years WWDC 2014 keynote is going to be available to watch live on OS X and iOS devices! Excellent news for all those Apple addicts who’ve been unable to secure tickets for the event..

WWDC 2014


Direct links will be posted as soon as they have been announced, with round up’s of all unveilings as and when they happen being posted right here for those who don’t have access to a device meeting the requirements.

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Apple to launch Smart Home automation platform at WWDC

Apple logo

Apple logoNews is currently stirring around introduction of an integrated home automation system, to be launched at the 2014 WWDC. As the WWDC starts in less than one week technology news sites the world over are tripping over themselves with excitement about these kinds of announcements.

The Financial Times have today published a post detailing Apple’s entry to the home automation market. Something which doesn’t really come as much of a surprise, considering they’ve been retailing the Philips Hue product range for sometime now. That, as well as there almost guaranteed release of wearable health technology.

The Smart Home automation platform is said to make automated your home electrics as simple as walking through the door.. For example; When your iOS device is in range or when you walk through your front door – the potential is to have your lights automatically switch on.

Details of the features of the Smart Home automation platform will be expectedly be sketchy until after the keynote has been released. However, the “Smart Home” kit will almost definitely rely on NFC chips, or some kind of bespoke chip made specifically by one of Apple’s many hardware suppliers.

This will undoubtably launch a new certification system that hardware vendors will be quick to jump onto the back of. I’d expect the see some Apple designed logo – “designed for Smart Home” or similar popping up on the industry leaders kit very shortly after release.

It would certainly be a massive switch in direction if Apple released their own automation hardware at the WWDC, however this is so unlikely to happen. Only time will tell…

Once the WWDC keynote has been made public, I will be reporting back on any released information as soon as is possible. To keep up to date with all releases check out the RSS site feed.

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iOS 7.1.2 spotted in the ‘wild’

iOS 7.1

Apple have been working towards releasing iOS 8.0 at this years WWDC (Scheduled for 2nd June) however, they are far from abandoning iOS 7.1 and reports are flooding in that 7.1.2 is showing up in weblogs of popular Apple tech related sites.

It would appear 7.1.2 has been seeded to it’s employees for testing, traffic from the devices is still few and far between but it does suggest they will be releasing an update prior to WWDC. The last update (7.1.1) released on 22nd of April was packed to the rafters with bug fixes and some improvements to the way the Touch ID system worked.

There has been no news, as of yet, to what the update will contain. However it’s been strongly suggested that it will fix the encryption and iMessage issues.

Users who have previously jailbroken may want to hold off from upgrading until a new jailbreak is developed. However, this is perhaps unlikely to get much attention with iOS 8 just around the corner.

Will you be updating to 7.1.2? Or will you hold out for 8.0?

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