New Jigsaw Puzzle Game for Touchscreen Smartphones: Spb Puzzle 1.0

St. Petersburg, May 12th, 2009 – Spb Software, a top mobile games and applications developer, today announces the release of Spb Puzzle 1.0 – a classic jigsaw puzzle game, designed specifically with the touchscreen in mind: Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 touchscreen phones. Spb Puzzle is explicitly finger-friendly, offers animation, haptic response, and real-looking puzzle pieces that are thoroughly crafted, down to the effects of light and anti-aliasing. Spb Puzzle offers 10 puzzles preinstalled, more free puzzle for download, and can make custom puzzles out of any image.

“With this brand new release, we aimed to create an authentic puzzle game with excellent graphics, clearest possible controls and navigation, and an unlimited number of puzzles to solve,” – comments Nikita Glushkov, Spb Puzzle Product Manager. “Spb Puzzle gives users the freedom to work on even the most complicated puzzles in the comfort of their own phone, any time, any place. Spb Puzzle also keeps players assured that not a single puzzle piece will ever get lost, or that a nearly completed puzzle will ever get ruined by mishap,” he concludes.

Spb Puzzle Windows Mobile Solution

Key Features of Spb Puzzle 1.0:

  • Versions for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60
  • High-quality graphics and finger-friendly interface
  • Custom puzzles from any image or photo
  • Free additional jigsaw puzzle packs
  • Flexible puzzle difficulty – fit for any age
  • 10 preinstalled puzzles in “Classic” pack
  • Pause and resume, autosave on exit, never lose a puzzle until it’s complete

Free additional Spb Puzzle packs for Windows Mobile touchscreen phones are available for download from Spb’s official website:

Free additional Spb Puzzle packs for Symbian S60 touchscreen phones are available for download from Spb’s official website:

Pricing and Availability

Spb Puzzle 1.0 is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher, and Symbian S60 touchscreen devices, qVGA and VGA screen resolutions are supported. Spb Puzzle 1.0 shareware version is limited in the number of puzzles available: 2 base and 1 custom image puzzles. Full version of Spb Puzzle is available for 9.95 USD at

Further Information and Downloads

Spb Puzzle web page (Pocket PC)
Spb Puzzle web page (Symbian)

Spb Puzzle screenshots page (Pocket PC)
Spb Puzzle screenshots page (Symbian)

Spb Puzzle evaluation copy downloading page (Pocket PC)
Spb Puzzle evaluation copy downloading page (Symbian)

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find me on twitter

TwitterI’ve done it.. I’ve fallen to the draw of twitter! Thanks to Chris Moyles’s radio show I joined to see just what it was all about… Hours later I was on the hunt for something in order to tie it to my Facebook status. If you want to do the same thing:

1. Get the Twitter application installed in your Facebook profile here: Twitter App For Facebook.

2. You’ll should see a link that says: Want Twitter to update your Facebook status? Click here!

Once that was done, I was left trying to find an update utility for my HTC Touch Diamond.. After trying severl variations I found myself sticking with TinyTwitter. Which is availble for many devices:

Windows Mobile Smartphone

If you want to check out my ‘twitter’ you can find my profile here:

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FIX: Windows Mobile Device Center not starting

If you are having touble getting vista to connect to your Windows Mobile device using Windows Mobile Device Center, you may need to reinstall the USB Sync Drivers.

There are several cases that may prevent your device from connecting:

  • If Windows Live OneCare is installed on your machine, it may be blocking the device connectivity. Please click here for the steps to configure Windows Live OneCare to allow the device to connect.
  • The driver installation may not have completed successfully. If you think this may be the case, follow these steps:
    • Keep your device connected
    • From the desktop, go to Start > Start Search
    • Enter “Device Manager” or “devmgmt.msc” to launch the Device Manager window
    • Look under the “Network adapters” node for “Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter”. If this is not present, skip to step 5. Otherwise, right-click “Microsoft Windows Mobile Remote Adapter” and choose to “Uninstall”
    • Look under the “Mobile Devices” node for “Microsoft USB Sync”. If this is not present, skip to step 6. Otherwise, right-click “Microsoft USB Sync” and choose to “Uninstall”
    • Disconnect and reconnect your device. Your device driver will re-install and Windows Mobile Device Center will launch.
  • For more information on connectivity-related problems, see the ActiveSync USB connection troubleshooting guide.

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