Google Wave invite arrives at last!

Yesterday morning I got confirmation that I had finally been accepted into the Google Wave Developers ‘Sandbox’. Many weeks it took of begging emails to various Google departments but finally they saw the light!

So far I have been massively impressed with Wave, it’s so simple to use I am sure even my grandma could create and maintain waves!

I am looking at building a knowledge base ‘wiki’ type of portal using Wave’s for Arco. I have already embedded the wave API into our helpdesk self service website, which I am going to use for important announcements and useful information, which anyone in our office should be able to update without having to learn PHP.

I am 99% positive that Google Wave’s are going change the internet for good, and I am looking forward to seeing what innovative ideas people have come up with for using Wave’s.

If you are using Google Wave, or would like an invite – comment below and as soon as I am able to send invites out I will invite you.

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