Monitor a folder for user or system access – VBScript

I was approached a few days ago to develop a solution for monitoring access to a folder on a server (with auditing enabled). My first approach was to try and monitor the files last access time, but I found this to be somewhat unreliable. So my next method was to monitor the systems event logs. This proved much more reliable. If not a little too much at times.

Drop the code below in a .vbs file, execute and sit back and relax.

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List all currently installed hot fixes – VBScript

The following vbs script will list all of the currently installed Microsoft Hotfixes as per their KB number, a brief description, there installation date and who it was installed by. You may want to pass the computer name, to check a remote computer. Leaving as is will run the scan on the local machine.

Also you may find it beneficial to output this to an excel spreadsheet or a CSV etc.

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Random File Gen

Here’s my latest edition.. This little application generates files of any size in a location specified by the end user.

You could create 1 x 40 GB file, or create 1,000 x 1 MB files! Handy for testing backup solutions.


  • Specify number of files to make
  • Specify size of files to make
  • Specify location of files to make

Version History – First BETA released, no known bugs, many updates to come! 

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If you are having problems with this application please post a message in the forum

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Customer Relationship Manager

Here it is.. My current ‘Flag Ship’ application. CRM 09 is an application I am developing for my dad, in order to speed up entry of data relating to customer visits and potential sales.

The application is built in Visual Basic.Net with an SQL Server database backend.

Screenshot’s coming soon

If you would like more information please contact me using one of the methods on the contacts page.

Current Features:
(In menu order)

  • Built in back up and restore feature for both the dataase and application files
  • Creation of customer contact details
  • Full integration with Outlook Contacts
  • Full integration with Outlook Calendar
  • Visual ‘WYSIWYG’ report designer
  • Built in mobile device handling
  • Integrated mappingdirectionsroute planning system
  • Ability to sync with a handheld device (Windows Mobile)
  • User levels, and Security
  • Automatic update checksdownloadsinstallation

Features Under Development

  • Updating of backend database via GPRSWAP connection
  • Support for seperate sales areas
  • Generation of suggested visit lists, to ensure no customer is left without regular visits
  • Trial Version with number of executions limitation, unlocked on paid registration

Version History

1.0.0 – First BETA released, no known bugs

Download Currently not available

Support will be handled on a per user basis using relevant contract details

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Really Simple Reset

This is a really really simple device reset application for Windows Mobile Devices. At the moment it’s very much featureless. It works, but doesn’t look pretty.

Simply download the CAB file copy it to your device, run it to set up a shortcut to the program in your start menu.

This is the very first BETA version of the application and it currently contains no graphic enhancements of any kind.


  • Performs soft reboot on your device, no questions asked!

Version History – First BETA released, no known bugs, many more features to come! – Second BETA released, now bundled in a cab file with Modaco’s AppToDate support!

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If you are having problems with this application please post a message in the forum

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