Short URL's

Just a quick post – in the past people have been weary of following links in my tweetsfacebook posts due to potential security issues, which I can fully appreciate. Because of this I have now set up my own url shortener. This will be hosted on my site and will be completely secure. Future links from me will all contain my domain, followed by a keyword describing the link. 

So you should no longer have to worry about my links.

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Generate a favicon for your site.

As you may have noticed, my site along with most on the internet have a small icon next to the URL in the address bar. This is known as a favicon, which is simply an icon file that sits in the root of your webservers public_html directory.

If you would like an icon like this for your site, but don’t have any relevant icon files you can use the resources over at to generate a favicon file from any picture on your PC. 

Once done following the instructions on their site on how to add it to your own site.

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