Nokia E71 Twitter Client

If you are looking for a twitter client for your Nokia E71 Jakob over at recommends twittix

Now, Twittix is a native S60 client for Twitter. It costs about €5 and brings you all the things you’d expect from one of the top two applications in the market: timeline, tweeting, replying, direct messages, My Tweets, people you follow, followers, etc. In my last post on this topic I said that Gravity has set the bar, so naturally we will be comparing Twittix to Gravity. In the following I will focus less on what these two great applications have in common and a lot on what makes them different from 2009, May 2009

You should really check out the entire article over at Jakobs site!

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Update all of your social networks sites in one 'ping'

PIng.fmAs a true fully fledged geek, I subscribe to more social networking sites then I own socks! Which often makes updating the status and posting blog messages a bit of a pain.. Until now, thanks to the service over at I am now able to upload all of my profiles in one hit.

Although the site is still in BETA stage, I find it works perfectly and supports a massive collection of sites including custom url’s so you can even use it to update your own website! Check it out at

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find me on twitter

TwitterI’ve done it.. I’ve fallen to the draw of twitter! Thanks to Chris Moyles’s radio show I joined to see just what it was all about… Hours later I was on the hunt for something in order to tie it to my Facebook status. If you want to do the same thing:

1. Get the Twitter application installed in your Facebook profile here: Twitter App For Facebook.

2. You’ll should see a link that says: Want Twitter to update your Facebook status? Click here!

Once that was done, I was left trying to find an update utility for my HTC Touch Diamond.. After trying severl variations I found myself sticking with TinyTwitter. Which is availble for many devices:

Windows Mobile Smartphone

If you want to check out my ‘twitter’ you can find my profile here:

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New project kicks off

Today I have started a new project at work.. A mobile version of our help desk ticket system! We are about to roll out 100’s of new mobile phones, and in order to keep tickets down we are releasing a hole new portal specifically for it!

The site will be built with the Nokia E75 in mind. I am building the site in PHP and will be building it around the SupportWorks back end.

Who knows, once it’s done I may even build a mobile interface for my site??

I have also now jumped on the ‘Twitter’ band waggon you can find my twitter profile here:

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