Spb TV 1.0 – Mobile TV, the Way It Should Be

Las Vegas, March 31st, 2009 – Today at CTIA Wireless, Spb Software – a leading maker of mobile applications, announces the release of Spb TV – a practical mobile TV player with patent-pending on-screen controls and fast channel switching technology, use of intelligent stream correction, picture-in-picture mode, and an integrated TV guide with export of show reminders into Outlook. Spb TV is a subscription-free and international live mobile TV solution that is geared up to utilize the new generation of faster wireless networks.

The now standalone mobile TV solution for Windows Phones, Spb TV was first introduced to the market in September 2008 as the flagship feature of Spb Online. Since then, it has hosted millions of mobile TV sessions. Spb TV is unique in its approach to the mobile TV experience, offering the unexpectedly natural simplicity of watching live TV on a phone. Spb TV goes a long way to support the genuine TV watching behavior on a handset: quick TV guide check-up and channel hopping, on-screen controls for volume and backlight, neat integration of TV functionality with other mobile features (such as messages, calls, and battery life monitoring).

“Mobile TV is an additional fun factor for phone users, who expect hassle-free access to a nice selection of international TV channels from their handsets,” – comments Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, Spb Software CEO. “This is why Spb TV is subscription-free, optimized for 3G and WiMax networks, but works great with WiFi connections too. We also look to cooperation with mobile operators, to provide more customized and branded mobile TV experiences to their subscribers,” Sebastian concludes.

Spb TV Windows Mobile Solution

Spb TV 1.0 Main Features

  • Unique TV browser with quick channels preview and list of current & upcoming TV shows for fast channel selection
  • Integrated full week’s TV guide
  • Ability to set Outlook reminders for TV shows of interested
  • Fast channels launch and switching technology
  • Picture-in-picture mode (channel preview while in another channel)
  • Finger-friendly onscreen “transparent” controls with instant access to regular TV features
  • Full support of hardware buttons controls
  • Network bandwidth fluctuations support
  • Clever integration of mobile TV functionality with other mobile phone features

Pricing and Availability

Spb TV 1.0 is compatible with Windows Phones running on Windows Mobile 5 and later Professional and Standard platforms, qVGA, VGA, Square QVGA, and WVGA screen resolutions are supported. Spb TV 1.0 has a full and a freeware versions, with the freeware version limited in features and number of channels available. Spb TV requires a reliable 3G, WiMax or WiFi network connection for proper streaming. Full version of Spb TV is available for 14.95 USD at www.SpbSoftwareHouse.com.

Further Information and Downloads

Spb TV web page (Pocket PC)
Spb TV web page (Smartphones)

Spb TV screenshots page (Pocket PC)
Spb TV screenshots page (Smartphones)

Spb TV evaluation copy downloading page (Pocket PC)
Spb TV evaluation copy downloading page (Smartphones)

About Spb Software (www.spbsoftwarehouse.com)

Spb is a leading brand in mobile software, standing for a unique line of popular consumer products and partnerships with the world’s most innovative handset makers and wireless carriers. The popularity of Spb’s solutions rests on profound usability research, relevance to valid subscriber needs and smartphone use cases, as well as superior technical implementation, stability, and quality graphic design.

Spb Software invites members of the media to get familiar with the application by claiming their complimentary copy of Spb TV through contacting Victoria Krasilshikova at pr@softspb.com.

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Streamed MP installed

streamThanks to Matthew Fenton for pointing out Streamed MP 

Which is now my skin of choice on my media server.

“Streamed MP is a port of Team Razorfishes skin Mediastream created for XBMC, over to the popular open source HTPC Application MediaPortal. Streamed MP is a close port, however there are some new views/layouts included with the skin that will keep the fanart fans happy. This skin has also been designed with ease of use in mind, with a custom menu generator included to make creating menus suited to your setup extremely easy. All of this is wrapped up in a nice installer that also installs the latest version of two very popular plugins TV Series (currently being worked on by various developers) and Moving Pictures (worked on by fforde and armandp). “

The more I use MediaPortal it grows on me, the only draw back at the moment is the speed of the animations and the transistions. Which I was hoping to sort by upgrading the RAM.. However just before I got round to placing the order for the RAM it’s priced was hiked up to nearly double!!! So that’s on the back burner for now..

At least I have had confirmation that my heatsync is on it’s way!

Next on the cards (besides the RAM) is another TV card, twin tuner this time I think, another DVD drive and a TB hard drive.

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TV Card on its way

TV CardAs my freeview DVR appears to have just packed in, I have taken the opertunity to beef up my MediaCenter. I have ordered a Hauppauge WinTV-Nova-t it’s not the most expensive TV Tuner card on the market, but for what little use it will get it should be fine!

Not bad for £25 from ebuyer: http://www.ebuyer.com/product/27669

Watch and Record Freeview Digital TV on your PC!

  • Watch Freeview digital TV on your PC, in a window or full screen. Digital TV offers sharper picture and clearer sound!
  • Record Freeview digital TV to disk in DVD quality. Playback to your PC screen. Pause digital TV, too!
  • Includes our new ergonomic Remote Control.

WinTV-NOVA-T PCI features

  • Watch, pause and record Freeview Digital TV on your PC – in a window or full screen.
  • Record digital TV programmes to disk using high quality MPEG compression. Playback your TV recordings at any time to your PC screen, in a window or full screen. Schedule your Freeview digital TV recordings with WinTV-Schedule.
  • Listen to DVB-T radio on your PC. WinTV-NOVA-T PCI can also receive DVB-T stereo radio.
  • Includes the Hauppauge IR remote control for easy control of the TV functions.

It should have arrived by this time tomorrow, so expect a review sometimes after that.

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