How to mute on Twitter for iOS


MuteWe all have at least that one account on twitter that we love to follow, and 9 tweets out of every 10 are interesting – however sometimes that very same account gets a little…….. passionate….. about a particular subject and start ‘flooding’ your time line with something you’re not really interested in.

Now – you could un-follow them – but then you’d miss the over tweets you actually like to read. Twitter has finally come to the rescue with its most recent feature. The ability to mute a user! This is something so simple, which is already saving headaches.

To mute a user from the twitter app on your iPhone, all you need to do is head over the ‘profile’ of the twitter user. You can do this by tapping on their avatar from their latest tweet.

Now tab on the ‘cog’ icon just underneath their post count.

Twitter Cog


Now tap of the ‘Mute @<username>’ menu option at the top of the pop up menu



The app will then display a visual prompt to confirm the mute has taken effect



That’s all there is to it.. You will no longer see the users tweets in your timeline unless they mention you in a tweet.

There is (currently) no way to ‘schedule’ the removal of a mute. So once things have calmed down, and you would like to once again see the users tweets in your timeline; head back to their profile, and tap on the red speak to un-mute them.



That is how to mute on Twitter for iOS.

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How to enable Facebook Timeline – NOW

Facebook have recently released news about the whole new ‘Timeline‘ feature. Which will change the entire look and feel of Facebook profiles. Providing something no other social network does, (yet – no doubt they will soon do) the ability to scan back in time along a ‘timeline’ using a slider. Sliding the slider back in time highlights updates/actions which happened on your profile at the time selected.

One of the main benefits of the time line feature, is it will finally give users the ability to move away from the stale, boring, conforming and standardised profile.

However, as this is ‘bleeding edge’ the Timeline facility is currently locked down to developers only. If you are itching to get your hands on it, and see how your profile will look at the time of launch – you can enable the Timeline feature right now, by following the easy steps laid out in Techcrunchs’ Post

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