Help recover your stolen goods


Stolen ThiefSomeone has stolen my ….

There’s nothing worse than the realisation you have had your prized possession stolen.. As technology moves on, our possessions are getting smaller, as they get smaller they are more and more tempting to would be thieves.

However it doesn’t just stop there! The sticky fingered pilferers will happily make away with what ever they can carry. Most of the time, there’s little beside due diligence that we can do to prevent the items from going “missing”. We can however, do all that is possible to try to aid your possessions safe return.

Keep it safe and Log it 

Is not just a catchy expression, it’s the tag line for Immobilise – The UK property register. If you’ve not yet created an account, what are you waiting for?

Immobilise is the world’s largest FREE register of possession ownership details and together with its sister sites the Police’s NMPR ( ) and CheckMEND ( ), forms a very effective tool in helping to reduce crime and repatriate recovered personal property to its rightful owners.



Registering your devices with the Immobilise service is simple, all you need to do is select your items category, complete it’s serial number and purchase details, then upload a copy of the items receipt.

Should the worst happen, you can logon to the immobilise site and mark your item as stolen. Then, should the item be recovered by the police they’ll be able to reunite it with its rightful owner.


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iMobsters – Mafia Wars for iPhone

Here’s one for all of you Mafia Wars players out there… Mafia Wars is a game by Zynga Game Network Inc. hosted on the popular social networking sites Facebook and MySpace. If you are a fan of Mafia Wars, then you’ll like this.. 

iMobsters is a popular iPhone role playing game by Storm8, it’s based around the same principals as Mafia Wars, in which you start of as a lone gangster running the streets of the Bronx. Working for a Godfather, for which you accrue points to spend on various things by completing missions.
Each mission is based around a crime, and requires energy points and weapons to complete. As you work through the missions you earn cash, which you can spend on more weapons in order to complete more jobs. Or place down on real estate, to become the ultimate property tycoon.
In a similar way to Mafia Wars, you can invite other iPhone players using your own unique iMobster code, which you can see in the picture to the left just under the gangster. (Mine is T9S89D) When you are not doing missions, you also have the ability to initiate turf wars with other iMobster players, where obviously the bigger, better equipped mafia wins.

Become the head mob boss and rule New York City. Run dangerous missions, expand and install your mob throughout the city, and take out rival mobsters in this action-packed crime game.

Start as a petty thief and rise to become the Mafia Don by bringing others into your mob and spreading your influence throughout the city. Fight other mobsters in the most immersive massively multiplayer game ever!

  • Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Mafia Game for the iPhone and iPod Touch!
  • FREE updates with new missions, weapons, real estate, and more!
  • Fight other players LIVE
  • Arm your mob with the most powerful weapons, armor, and vehicles
  • Control the city by acquiring real estate and extracting a fat income from them
  • Bring your friends into your mob to make it stronger
  • Perform numerous dangerous missions
  • Enjoy gorgeous graphics
  • Enjoy mafia sounds
  • Loot rare items
  • Get real time updates
  • Add players to the hit list
  • Comment on other mobsters’ profiles
  • Broadcast messages to your mob
  • …and much, much more!

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