Jumsoft Money3 50% Off – Limited time only

For a limited time only the nice people over at Jumsoft are offering their top accounts package for Mac, Money3 at a reduced rate of 50% off! 
Money3 is Mac’s equivalent of Microsoft Money for windows, however it has a much richer GUI and boats some of the key design features that many mac software packages offer. 
Money3 supports all the standard account types you would expect: Bank Account, Cash Account, Credit Card Account, Investment Account, Loan Account and Smart Account. But whats a smart account I hear you cry.. Well a smart account is a separate transaction list which can pull transactions in from all of your other accounts without any need for manual intervention. Handy for tracking transactions paidreceived over all of your bank accounts.
As you would expect from any market leading accounts package, Money3 also includes budget planning tools, smooth reports and portfolio summaries.
It’s also capable of generating invoices, choosing from a selection of template designs – making chasing monies owed much easier to manage.
Along with the normal manual account tracking tools, Money3 also includes an import wizard which is capable and more then happy to import your bank statements from your online banking websites. Most banks offer ‘Money’ as an export option, which integrates seamlessly with Jumsoft Money3.
But wait – it doesn’t stop there! Jumsoft also offer an account tracking application for all you lucky iPhone owners out there.. Just like the one’s available for Windows Mobile devices the iPhone offering can perform the advanced tasks you would expect and hope for. So not only can you manage your finances from the comfort of your own home – but whilst your sat in a cafe enjoying a nice cup of Java!
So if I was you – I would head over to the MacPromote website now and download your copy for $19.50 before it goes back up to it’s full price of $39 on the 25th of December. Then head over to the App Store and grab the iPhone app. 

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