LogMeIn Rescue Beta gets a big thumbs up!

I’d only heard roumers about it, read blog posts and seen ‘spy’ shots of it. Until today! We received  our official invitation to test the all new LogMeIn Rescue Beta today.

We have used LogMeIn Rescue to support our countless number of mobile workforces handheld devices for some years now. In fact it was one of our success stories we bagged whilst at the Service Desk and Support show back in 2009.

LogMeIn Rescue is a web-based mobile remote support solution supporting the major mobile OS’s along with PC and Mac OS’s. Providing an easy to use powerful remote support solution which wouldn’t (and doesn’t) look out-of-place in support centres the world over!

Since we started using LogMeIn Rescue in 2009, it was clear to see that LogMeIn’s R&D where heavily investing time in developing their product. With regular Beta invites adding useful features and supporting new OS’s regularly.

However, the latest Beta really is something else! Up until now the LogMeIn Rescue technician console has been governed by your machines web browser. Which although the web console has never been lacking in features, sometimes the browser seemed to somehow hold back its performance. This, Im pleased to report now appears to be a thing of the past!

One of the Beta’s biggest features is the introduction of a desktop based support client. Offering all the features of the online client and more besides.

The first thing that my colleagues commented on, was the fact they no longer have to logon each time they want to connect to a user. The desktop client automatically remembers the username and password and logs straight in. Now this may seem like a simple thing, but when you are sharing client licences like us, logging in and out all the time can often be a pain!

But wait!…. ‘Hold the Phone’ (whilst I connect on and reconfigure it)… The iOS and Android device configuration facility has received an overhaul. To introduce some pretty powerful features.

The ability to configure key components on iPhone’s is soon going to become invaluable:-

  • APN – Push new APN settings to both iOS and Android devices
  • WiFi – Push new WiFi settings to both iOS and Android devices
  • WebClips – Install new shortcuts on iOS devices that can connect direct to your help desk, knowledge bas or chat portal
  • Permissions – Push device permissions to iOS devices, providing the ability to restrict access to certain applications
  • Passcode – Push passcode enforcement to iOS devices
What’s more.. The features list doesn’t end there, there’s far too many to list in this blog post – so why not head over to the Beta’s homepage and check out the full list!
One things for sure, LogMeIn Rescue really has secured it’s spot on my ‘Tool Belt’ – Well done LogMeIn, I am looking forward to your next unavailing and invite to Beta test..

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LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile pays for it's self.

If you are a regular visitor to the siteblog you may have read that I recently implemented a few licences for LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile in order to aid the support of 200+ Nokia E71 mobile phones.

LogMeIn Rescue is used by IT helpdesks to provide instant remote support to customers and employees. Gain control of a remote PC, Mac, or smartphone* over the web in seconds, without the need to pre-install software.

After only 4 days of use the service has already saved the return of 6 mobile phones back to head office. Which in turn has saved 6 account managers ‘downtime’ from their phones, and has saved the business £££’s from postage and packaging costs.

We have used the service not only to guide users through simple tasks, but to install the latest release of Mail For Exchange, reconfigure settings transfer some photo’s from a users phone to his pc, and even record a video tutorial on how to change the settings on the phone. Which has since been distributed to the phone users. With features like complete file manipulation, and remote reboot the installation of software updatesfixes is a breeze!

The web based interface saved me the hassle of having to install software to the PC’s that the analysts use, and having the service hosted took the burden out of hardware allocation in the server room!

The interface is simple, and easy to navigate allowing the analysts to take on support calls with minimal amounts of training! All be it simple, it is in no way limited in functionality. It has also enabled us to brand the service with our own company logo’s, making the integration to our other helpdesk solution seemless.

As part of the LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile licence the desktop remote support is included. Although we didn’t intend on using this, and simply purchased the licence for our Nokia’s, we found ourselves in a situation which required access to a laptop which was behind a hardware firewall. A situation which isn’t normally easy to resolve! Yet again, LogMeIn Remote+Rescue saved the day! Saving the account manager the long drive back to head office for us to resolve the issue.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to look into using this as a replacement for the current remote support solution, no doubt I will post up the results of the new trial.

LogMeIn Remote+Rescue supports a variety of operating systems including:

All of which can be controlled using the technician panel, giving the analyst a view of what the user can see taking all of the pain out of the support call!

As per the picture below, several phone are available for complete emulation. The phones not yet emulated, can still be supported and navigated using simple key combinations on your normal PC keyboard.

Once I had received confirmation from the business to go ahead with the order I found our account manager Jakob Thusgaard extremely knowledgeable on the subject and always happy to help. Answering any question I threw at him with speed and professionalism. Making him easily approachable, and boosting my confidence with the purchase.

I have already recommended LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile to several of my friends in the field, and will continue to do so!

If you would like more information on the product and pricing, check out the official website.

If your a fellow user, or you took on the product thanks to the post – please let your comments below!

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Remote support made easy with Logmein Rescue Mobile

LogMeIn LogoWhilst at the IT Service Desk & Support show at Earls Court in London, I stumbled across the Logmein stand. I have used Logmein in the past in order to access my PC’s remotely. But never to connect to a mobile phone!

RemoteThe all new rescue mobile solution brings a whole new meaning to mobile phone support. Using the rescue mobile control panel you can send a text message to any of the supported mobiles (see below) with a link on to download the mobile client of the software. Once you have installed the rescue mobile client, the phone will then be capable of connecting into the main server. Once in the queue a support analyst then can connect to the phone and even take full control of it’s features!

Supported Platforms

•  BlackBerry OS v4.2.2 or later
•  Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1
•  Symbian OS v9.0 and later (UIQ)
•  Symbian OS v7.0 and later (S60)

Simulated Devices

Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1
•  Palm Treo 700 w/wx
•  Palm Treo 750 (GSM version)
•  Palm Treo 800w
•  Palm Treo Pro
•  Moto Q and Moto Q9h / Q9m / Q9c
•  Samsung BlackJack
•  Samsung BlackJack II
•  HTC S620
•  HTC S640
•  HTC S710
•  HTC S720
•  HTC Touch P3050
•  HTC Touch Diamond
•  HTC Touch Dual
•  HTC Touch P3450
•  HTC Tilt
•  HTC Titan P4000
•  UTStarcom PPC6700
•  Pantech PN8200
•  Nokia E61 and E61i
•  Nokia E50
•  Nokia N72
•  Nokia N73
•  Nokia N90
•  Nokia N93
•  Nokia N95
•  Nokia 6630
•  Motorola Z8
•  Sony Ericsson W960
•  Sony Ericsson P990i
•  8100 Series (Pearl™)
•  8200 Series (Pearl Flip™)
•  8300 Series (Curve™)
•  8800 Series
•  9000 (Bold™)
•  9500 Series (Storm™)

For a complete list of features check out the Logmein website. Over the next few months I will be trialing the software with a collection of Nokia E71’s and users all over the country. So watch this space for more reveiws.

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