Lync Custom Status App


Lync Custom Status (LCS) is a ‘power user’ add-on to Microsoft Lync, built on the back of the need of expanding Lync’s already powerful tool set. LCS uses built-in Microsoft API’s to make judgement calls on Lync event as and when they happen.

Unlike other applications, which simply provide an easy to use interface to modify your client status, LCS uses powerful logic to redirect calls or to allow calls and IM’s from your chosen contacts. Using LCS you can take complete control over your DND settings, allowing calls from project managers or families through – whilst preventing general call traffic.

LCS also gives you the ability to send ‘canned responses’ to IM’s you receive whilst in your custom states.


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Lync Custom Status 2014 BETA

LCS 2014

A newer version is now available from here

Here it is!

The very first public BETA release of my latest project.. I decided to build this application to add a little ‘Je ne sais quoin’ to the Microsoft Lync client status selection. I am a big fan of the Microsoft Lync product, and unified communications.. However, as those close to me will know – I am a big fan of automation. Which is when the idea for this app was born..

So.. What does it do.. Well, check out the details below! Please remember this is an extremely early public release BETA. It’s in its early stages, and I still have BIG plans for this app.


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