Changing the default SSHD Port

One of my fellow OS X blogger’s has recently published a new blog post you may want to check out. In this post Rob details how to go about changing OS X Lion’s default SSHD port number. You may want to do this for a number of reasons, both for security and to avoid clashes in port usage. Rob’s blog is just starting out, but please bookmark it and check back frequently for more informative posts.

In your traditional *nix OS you can simply edit one file in your /etc or /etc/ssh directory, generally called sshd_conf or something similar, and change your sshd port. Simply bust out your trusty text editor and change the line “Port 22? to list whatever port you wish to use, save the file and restart your sshd daemon. Sshd will now be running on the port of your choosing.

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Good work Rob, I look forward to reading future posts.

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Disable TimeMachine via Terminal/SSH


TimeMachine has saved my ‘bacon’ on many an occasion. However, when trying to stream movies over wireless in can sometimes get in the way, and cause the film to stutter whilst it backs up.

Now, the easy way around this is to disable TimeMachine before you start your film, and then start it again afterwards. However, if like me you forget to do so – and you Mac is set up for SSH access, you can do this easily via your phone.

SSH into your Mac, logon with your credentials and run the following command:

Entering your password when prompted. This should ensure no further interruptions whilst you watch your film.

Once you’ve done, turning it back on again is just as simple:

All that without having to get up out of your comfy chair! Perfect!

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