Associate your Twitter account in Mountain Lion

Twitter Logo

One of Mountain Lion’s most talked about feature is the introduction of the tight social integration with the 140 character site ‘Twitter”. Unless you’re like me and spent the first few days of using Mountain Lion wandering around the system preferences you may find it difficult to locate a position where you type in your twitter credentials.

The following blog post hopes to rectify that, it may not seem immediately obvious that you have to enter your details and send them as your email address and calendar contacts in the system preferences pane.

First of all you need to load up System Preferences, to do this open a new Finder window, and navigate to your Applications folder, once you are there, you should see an icon which looks like a cog, and is labelled System Preferences. Double click on this and the System Preferences pane should appear.

Now under the heading of ‘Internet & Wireless’ click on the icon highlighted below:

System Preferences - Mail, Contacts & Calendars

In the pane on the right hand side you will see a list of all the account types Mountain Lion supports by default. Some of which have been migrated over from Lion. However most are new.

Mail, Contacts & Calendars

From the list select the Twitter icon, and enter your username and password in the boxes provided:

Mountain Lion Twitter username and Password box

Once done your twitter account will become associated with your Mountain Lion user account, and you will be able to do things like tweet direct from the ‘sharing’ button in apps such as Safari:

It really is as simple as that! So happy tweeting readers… 🙂

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