FREE 6 month AV Subscription for Mac

The nice people over at MacHeist are offering a copy of Intego’s antivirus solution (VirusBarrier X5) and a six month’s subscription to the update service completely FREE!

All you have to do to get hold of your free copy is post a status update on the social network site Facebook
As you can see – this is not your normal FREE AV Application! To get your free copy now click here and click the link to share on Facebook

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Secrets PrefPane

If you are looking at tweaking every aspect of your Mac install to they way you want it to work, but your not a huge fan or confident using terminal and the text editors then you should give Secrets PrfPane a go.

PrefPane installs into your systems preferences interface, and displays all the possible (known) tweaks in a simple easy to use interface. Making switching options as easy as placing a tick in a box. Secrets is a community based website, with tips and tweaks being added all the time, the PrefPane has the facility to download the latest tweaks at the push of a button!
You can download PrefPane from the Secrets webpage.
One thing worth mentioning: As you may well be adjusting system settings not normally visible to users you may want to consider using TimeMachine or something similar to back up your system before making changes!

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Stop SecureClient automatically starting (Max OS X)

SecureClientUpon install Check Point SecureClient on my Mac OS X 10.6 MacBook Pro I found it was starting automatically on boot up. Which normally isn’t a problem, but because of the way it secures the network adapters it prevents essential traffic on my home network, because of this I am found shutting it down each time I logon. Which is a little frustrating!

The SecureClient doesn’t show up in the normal list of applications, but it can still be disabled using the terminal. (Utilities > Terminal)
  1. Change to root.
  2. Run:
    source /opt/CPsrsc-50/.cshrc
    StartupItemsMgr remove $SRDIR/bin/
Upon running the above in your terminal window you should find the SecureClient will no longer run on boot up. To run the application in future just launch it from the Applications finder window.

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Yes – You CAN make SecureClient work in Snow Leopard

CheckPointOne of the requirements of my new laptop was that it had to be able to connect into the remote sites I often connect onto. One of the applications I use for connecting to the networks is Check Points SecureClient..

Imagine my disappointed when I found out a Snow Leopard compatible version had not yet been released!!
However, I have managed to solve this little problem with the help of a blog post over at

1. The Checkpoint installer refuses to install

The installer checks up for the Darwin Kernel version 9. In Snow Leopard we have version 10. So two files need to be edit within the installer package.

  1. just right click on the installer and select Show Package Contents. This opens finder within the package.
  2. go to Contents/Resources.
  3. open TextEdit, use vi in a shell or whatever you prefer to edit a simple file
  4. on file “InstallationCheck” change the number 9 in line 8 to number 10: if  [ “$MAJOR” != “10” ]; then
  5. same on file “postinstall “ change the number 9 in line 84 to number 10

That’s it. Just install it and reboot. Changes need to make afterwards in order to have it starting.

In the words of the mere cat… Simplez!

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Adium – filling the gap Mac Messenger creates..

AdiumOne of the issues I have come up against with Snow Leopard is the fact Mac Messenger doesn’t yet work. Which is a bit of a shame, as I must admit I spend quite a lot of time chatting to friends and family using MSN Messenger on my Windows boxes.

Now, obviously there are alternatives such as Skype which I have set up and it does work. However some of my friends only have MSN accounts. Which is where Adium comes in.
Adium is a instant messenger application which connects to a wide range of networks, including: AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and more.
Adium is completely free and relies on donations, so if you like Adium why not donate to help keep the project alive!
You can find out more and download Adium over at it’s homepage.

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