Sony unveil Playstation TV at 2014 E3 conference

Sony Playstation TV

Sony unveil Playstation TVOn the E3 open day this year, Sony announced the up and coming release of the nearly named ‘Smart’ media streaming device Sony Playstation TV. Shawn Layden took full advantage of the E3 conference footfall and media coverage to unveil the new hardware to the world.

The unit was originally launched last year in Japan as the Sony PS Vita TV.

The “Playstation TV” is expected to retail at around $99, although no sign of localised pricing has yet been announced. Sony are working hard to have the units on retailers shelves in both the US and Canada for autumn this year, with a wider launch expected shortly afterwards.

You can watch Shawn from Sony unveil Playstation TV here:

Despite Sony being a flagship brand in the home user entertainment market, this unit is going to have to bring something pretty special to the table considering it’s taking on manufactures such as:

Apple – Now in it’s “Third Generation”, Apple have sold over 20 million units since the initial release of the very first Apple TV on the market.

Roku – Roku have a vast array of media streaming options, and statistics suggest they have sold 8 million units to date.

Google – Fairly new to the media streaming world, the Chromecast is already flying off the shelves.

Amazon – Another new contender in the already crowded steaming media market.

The device will follow the suit of earlier market share winners, and allow for content from a variety of devices to be wirelessly steamed to owners TV’s with minimal setup. Where the Playstation TV differs, is it will also allow to games from your PS4 on a second TV, Also you’ll be able to play games from the PS Vita platform – as long as you a Sony controller.

It’s expected to also integrate tightly with the up and coming Sony Now service, which will give hardcore gamers access to old Sony titles of days gone by.

The introduction of such a flurry of ‘budget’ smart boxes, allow owners of older TV’s to gain ‘smart’ functionality with little outlay. Most of the above boxes can be purchased for approximately $99/£99.

Although the market seems fairly saturated with devices, Sony’s appeal to the gaming market will probably put it in good stead. I feel confident in saying those who have previously owned Sony tech will sway more towards their TV unit compared to the others on the market.

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Apple to announce multiple watches at WWDC

Apple iWatch

Rumours are starting to stir ahead of next weeks WWDC, this time around the press dubbed “iWatch” .. No evidence of a piece of wearable tech has yet leaked out of apple HQ. However, the chances of an unveil at the WWDC are very likely.

Most of these rumours are founded simply by the fact Apple have thought to have hired hundreds of hardware and software design staff.. Swiftly followed by the application for a patent for a wearable computer designed for the wrist.

But wait.. Apparently Apple won’t just be releasing one “smart watch” – apparently a collection is said to début. All believed to sport round faces, and not oblong as previous rumours suggested.

One thing we can be sure of, is if they do in fact release a wrist based iOS device, it will almost certainly have close connections to the HealthBook app.

As always, the more talented web goers have been hard at work mocking up potential concepts of the watch, the most popular on the net seems to be the “Goliath”, mocked up by Danny Mindspi from Argentina, which you can see in this YouTube video


I think the price point will prove crucial on this, not only does it have other smart watches to contend with – but also a market saturated with “health bands”

Will I buy one..? That all depends on the feature set, and again the price point..

Am I excited at the news..? Of course! What kind of an apple fan boi’ would I be if I wasn’t!

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