Do you know how much it is costing to power your home?

Do you know that your gadgets and kitchen appliances are actually costing to run? If you actually take a step back and realise the cost of running your favourite console, your TV’s and stereos you may think twice about taking them off standby.

We all know that we should be keeping an eye on our energy consumption for the sake of the environment, but how many of us actually do? Juice Electrical Supplies recently produced this infographic based on the data collected by the Energy Saving Trust to encourage people to use more energy saving devices, to swap to energy saving light bulbs and maybe, just maybe, turn off their appliances behind them.

When you actually show how much the average home owners energy consumption is you become much more likely to affect change. When it is the consumers’ pockets that are lighter, when they realise that not only will they be helping the environment but also making their wallets a little fatter by saving money more people will make the change.

Take a trip through the infographic and start to add up how much your gadgets are costing you – you may be surprised!



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Save 25% on Parallels Desktop 7 for a limited time

So.. You’ve got your shiny new Mac! You’re finally a Mac convert.. You no longer need your old slow Windows machine? Or is that not the case….?

Despite what we do sometimes there is truly no escaping the clutch of Microsoft’s ‘monopoly’. Many applications are yet to be ported over to OS X, and even more games besides. But wait.. When you find that one app that requires Windows, you do have to dump your mac, you don’t even have to bootcamp.. All you need to do is bag yourself a copy of Parallels Desktop 7 and you’ll be reunited with your windows applications in no time at all.

What’s more, if you buy your copy of Parallels Desktop 7 before the 19th of August you’ll save yourself 25%! You have to admit its a pretty good deal..

So what is Parallels Desktop?

Parallels Desktop for Mac is the most tested, trusted and talked-about solution for running Windows applications on your Mac.

Unlike other applications on the market, Parallels Desktop boasts the fastest ever start, stop and resume for it’s virtualised machines. It’s also fully compatible with Mountain Lion. So is the perfect addition to your new Mac purchase!

You can download your copy with 25% off until the 19th using this link alternatively check out Parallels press release for more information by clicking the link below.


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Get paid to shop with Quidco

So generally as a rule I don’t tend to ‘buy in’ to these types of sites, offering cash back deals for doing normal shopping.. However when I moved into my new apartment I wanted to switch energy providers, and I new that Quidco had an offer of £80 cash back to switch to one of the major providers. So I thought I really have nothing to loose. I went ahead with the switch, honestly thinking nothing would come of it – and I have recently received my £80 cash back. That’s right.. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it honestly did work. Granted it took ages for the claim to process… But it’s £80 for doing nothing I wasn’t doing anyway!

Last night I did some online shopping, and then checked Quidco for a voucher code, sure enough there was one – I used that and got a percentage of my spend back. Again I was buying the items anyway – so it made sense to use it.

Unlike the recent internet boom of Groupon, Quidco offers savings on day to day items. Check it out, you’ve nothing to loose!

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