Launch finder as root

Sometimes theres a need to dig around in the OS X file system without restriction, (which also means without protection) for example should you need access to files or folders, but don’t fancy switching permissions or playing with complex terminal commands.

Using the single lined command below in terminal you can launch an instance of finder which doesn’t hold any of the restrictions that your normal finder window holds.

Bear in mind this will also give you the ability to cause serious damage to your file system, should you go messing with things you shouldn’t.

Copy and paste the following into a terminal window and press return.

You will be prompted for your password, then a new finder instance should launch. It it doesn’t you should see a second set of icons overlaying your desktop icons. Double click the ‘root’ icon, and it should launch finder as root.

Remember boys and girls.. Be careful in there!

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Install .deb files in SuSe

If you find yourself downloading an application packaged in a .deb file, but you want to install it in SuSe you may be able to use Alien

1. In a new terminal window type su hit retutn and type root password

2. Download and Install alien using zypper: zypper in alien

3. Run: alien -r filename.deb, you should then find a .rpm file in the same location as the .deb which you can open with the application installer..

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