Diamond gets a new ROM

HTC DiamondAfter six months, I have finally decided it’s time to get rid of the Orange ‘OEM’ ROM. Although I have now had any major issues with it, I’m looking forward to moving to a faster tweaked ROM.

Of course my first port of call was XDA Developers, as countless ROM Chef’s hang out around the boards. Several forum threads later I have finally decided to go with Duttys 5.2.20764.1.4.3 I have used Dutty’s ROM’s on every windows mobile phone I have owned to date. So I know it’s a safe bet.

As with all ROM flashes, the first thing I downloaded was HARDSPL, again from XDA Developers you can download HardSPL_OliNex138_Signed.zip with a valid XDA Developers account.

Whilst that downloaded I started the download of the ROM, unfortunately it’s hosted on RapidShare.. Which is always painfully slow. No doubt it gets faster if you subscribe! But why would I want to do that???

Anywho, back to the flash…. I installed HardSPL with no problems at all (as expected) so on with the flash I went.. After downloading the ROM from RapidShare I was greeted by a password prompt so back to the post I went and found it: “V4 3.02 Produced by Dutty”. The file then extracted, no questions asked and I launched the CustomRUU file.. Off it went to do it’s thing, however the phone had other ideas…. The flash stayed at 0% and made no attempt to move, after a quick hunt around the forums I found the HardSPL version required.

So let’s try again. It’s finally kicked in and the ROM is installing…

Next on the menu is a new radio version I decided to go with Radio v1.00.25.05 after reading quite a few good reviews from other Orange customers.

Now thanks to Dutty in his Chef’s hat, my phone is running shed loads quicker and is also sporting lots of toys:

ARCsoft MMS_5.0.27.63
BT BPP_1_6_8_0
BT SAP_3_1_0r
BT Ftp_1_2_33309_91
HTC Album 2_5_1820_1831
HTC Audio Booster_2_0_1814_3227
HTC AudioManager_1_6_1820.3027
HTC Camera_6_00_32837_00
HTC ConnectionSetup_1_5_35362_1
HTC Endkey_1_1_34582_1 [Mapped to End key]
HTC EnlargeStartMenu_1_2_35075_100
HTC Ezinput_1_5_32437
HTC FM Radio_1_6_1819_1820
HTC G-Sensor Calibration_1_1819_2126
HTC Labrynth Teeter_1_4_1819_2028
HTC LargeTitleBar Settings
HTC MP3 Trimmer_1_1_1816_2327
HTC Manilla_2.1.Dutty.1_1745.40
HTC Quick GPS_1_0_1820_2228
HTC Random Access_4_1_1820_1320
HTC RSS Hub_2_1_1077
HTC Sim Manager_6.57
HTC SMSInboxThreading
HTC StreamingMedia_3_1820_2621
HTC Task_Manager_2_1_35096_00
HTC VoiceRecorder_1_10_1815_1728
HTC Volume Control_1817_4025
HTC YouTube Application_1_0_1819_2130
JBlendJava_V3.3.5, XXXXXX[Available by cab]
Microsoft NetCf 3.5 RTM
Microsoft Office 2007
Microsoft Sqlcemobile 3.5
Microsoft voice Command
Microsoft Windows Live
Opera Mobile Browser Build 15316
Remote Destop

Toms Soft Reset
File Explorer Extension [Thanks to tnyynt]
GP-Soft Tweak
PHM Regedit + Task Manager _V3.01
Pim Backup
Screen capture

Now all I have to do is retrieve all of my SPB Software Serials and install all my software again!

I will test and ‘benchmark’ the ROM over the next few days and then post a review.

Thanks for reading.. 

Please note: flashing ROM’s on your mobile is dangerous and an incorrect flash could rendor your device useless, I suggest you only do this is you are confident you know what you are doing!

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