Bulk folder rename AppleScript

I was recently approached by one of my blog readers John Ott, to help out with a bit of a technical challenge he had. John used a fairly complicated filing system for keeping track of lots of documents, blue prints and photos for projects him and his team work on. This included many subfolders with deep subfolders following a strict naming convention. When John starts a project, he used to copy and paste his top-level folder, then work his way through all its subfolders updating the folder names with the new project code. John reached out to me to see if I could help out, so I put together this Bulk folder rename AppleScript which takes user input for source and destination folders and the latest project code, it then traverses the folders and their subfolder and updates the names as required.

You can download a zipped up copy of the above script by clicking 


If you’ve a project and you’d like to see if I can help, get in touch using my Contact Form.

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How-To: Mass rename files/folders in OS X

Have you ever had the need to rename several hundred files, in countless subfolders? Using nothing but Automator you can have it completed in minutes..

Using the method below you can:

  1. Find & Replace, in either the full name or just the file extension
  2. Add Date or Time
  3. Add additional text
  4. Change the case of the name
  5. Make Sequential
This comes especially handy if you need to change the extension of countless movies for instance.. So if you want to switch M4V’s to MP4’s for compatibility with media players:
  1. Launch ‘Automator’ from the Applications
  2. Chose Workflow from the menu
  3. Select ‘Files and Folders’ from the Actions panel on the left hand side
  4. Then drag a ‘Ask for Finder Items’ to the workflow
  5. Now, chose a ‘Get Folder Contents’, and tick the box to ‘Repeat for Each Subfolder’
  6. Then select a ‘Replace Text’ object from the actions menu.
  7. Change the selections depending on what you are wanting to achieve and then hit the ‘Run’ button.
That’s it, it really is as easy as that.. What’s more, to make it even easier I have uploaded the workflow template for you to download here.

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