PRINCE LogoAs one course comes to a close, the next training course I am enrolled on has started to take off.. In February Arco are putting me through the PRINCE2 course. Which is Project in controlled Enviroments. So basically it’s a projecttime management course. I must admit. I am actually looking forward to doing this one, as I spent allot of time at work planning for and working on projects. So I am more than willing to learn more efficient ways of doing this.


On a side note, my RAPId SMS project has now been delayed, as after a quick post on I have been given some really good ideas and inspiration. So I have knocked the project back to the planning stage. An early BETA of the project should be realised sometime next week. Which should be the shell of what’s to come.


 I will also be making my CRM project available to site members at the end of the month, so should be a busy week next week.


Some of my other projects in the design and planning stages are a ticker tape alerting system, and a windows mobile release of my WoL2009 project.

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Well it was results day today at Arco….

I passed my ITIL® exam! So I now hold an ITIL® Foundation Version 3 qualification!

If you don’t know what ITIL® is, you can find out more on the official ITIL® website.

ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Office of Government Commerce, in the United Kingdom and other countries.

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