PicStick – Personalised Posted Photo Magnets

picstickSince the introduction of the very first digital camera, and even more so the photo capable mobile phone – physical prints of photos has rapidly become something for only the most treasured picture. No longer are people traipsing down the shops with the film canisters in hand, hunting for the 1-hour photo processing shops.

However – a physical print of that moment in time encases it, enabling endless enjoyment and whats more, they make excellent gifts.

Many companies spotted this opportunity and gap in the market to provide physical prints from digital media. Some offering first class service, allowing printing on everything from a mouse mat to a xylophone.. With options comes complexity, and some services out there require a degree in computer science to work! That was until now, a new kid on the block, PicStick has reared up from the myriad of web-based services – to offer a no fuss solution to personalised magnets!


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Switch iOS 6 Panorama Direction

Like most adopters of Apple’s latest mobile operating system iOS 6 I too have been impressed with the all new Panorama mode of the built in camera software. This new mode enables you to take a full panoramic shot using nothing but a steady hand and the built in software.

By default, when launching into panorama mode it’s set to go from left to right. However, with just one single finger tap on the white arrow you can switch that so it goes from right to left! A simple little trick some people may overlook!


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