Starbucks UK goes Passbook

So finally an app has been published I am actually looking forward to using on the iOS6 Passbook..

Passbook has been a strange application since launch, it’s almost like they launched it too soon! Should vendors have built apps prior to its launch?? Should there not be more apps available by now?? Who knows, but what I do know is the UK seem to have been a bit behind the times with Passbook! Even when Starbucks released there update to include Passbook support a few weeks ago, it only serviced iPhones in the US! Boooo @ Starbucks!

However, today they have finally received another update, which now means us loyal Starbucks customers in the UK can finally benefit!

The update came through shortly after my visit to Starbucks today, so I’ve not yet had chance to test it. However, its promise of automatically popping up on my lock screen as I walk in the store is pretty special! As a frequent Starbucks visitor, I am pretty sure it won’t be long until I’m testing it out.

Have you had chance to use this yet? Or is there an app out there you’d like to see on Passbook?

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