Orange World Plans

Ever since I got my first Windows mobile phone I have been hammering the data packages included with my talk plans.. I have been a customer with Orange for about 5 years now, and I have always been disapointed at the lack of unlimited data packages available as every other provider seemed to offer them. I have spoken to the Orange support team on many occaisions and have checked their website for information as often as possible to no avail…

Recently whilst down south, I obliterated my pofetic 30mb a month usage allowence, and decided enough was enough.. So I called Orange 150 one last time, to threaten termination of contract. I spoke to a man called Steven, who to my suprise has now upgraded my data plan from 30mb to 500mb a month..

Now, as Orange’s website states that the 80mb bundle is £45 I thought this one was  going to sting.. I used to pay £7 a month for 30mb, and now I am paying………………………… £5 a month…

So there you have it, it proves it pays to be persistant! Now I just have to wait till the 17th until my bill is produced before it takes effect!

If only I had spoken to Steven 14 months ago, I think I would have saved around £500 :@

So my tip for today is, ignore Orange’s website, and keep phoning until you get the answer your after!

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