Random File Gen

Here’s my latest edition.. This little application generates files of any size in a location specified by the end user.

You could create 1 x 40 GB file, or create 1,000 x 1 MB files! Handy for testing backup solutions.


  • Specify number of files to make
  • Specify size of files to make
  • Specify location of files to make

Version History – First BETA released, no known bugs, many updates to come! 

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If you are having problems with this application please post a message in the forum

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Launch a website from Visual Basic

If, like me you use LinkLabels to provide links to websites in yout VB.Net applications, or you would just like to include links to documents etc. You can use this code to force the file specified to be opened by the default file handler.

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Power onoff PDA screen

If you want to conserve battery power, but dont want to switch off or suspend your device you can use this code to simply switch off the display!

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