Make money using your car and your phone!

I know, there’s always at least one post claiming to make you money on every forum you visit. Well I have been a member of this one for just over a week and already my points are starting to add up.


Ever wondered how you could transform the miles you travel into cash in your account. Well, now you can with Navizon rewards.

When you use Navizon with a GPS device, every Wi-Fi access point and Cell tower that you pass by will be logged and turned into points on your account.

15 points for each cellular tower
3 points for each Wi-Fi access point
If they are discovered by you (If you are the first one to map them)
1 point for each Wi-Fi access point
2 points for each cellular tower

If they have already been mapped by someone else
(except in a few areas)

Once you have 10,000 points, you can redeem them for a reward, and $10 will be wired to your Paypal account (minus the Paypal fee in the amount of $0.19).

Note: You may also choose to redeem a reward for a free upgrade to Navizon Premium.

The idea is fairly simple: some users who have GPS enabled phones, or a standalone GPS device map the wireless landscape (ie. the location of Cell towers and Wi-Fi Access Points) wherever they go, so that other users who don’t have GPS will be able to use a positioning system that works independent of GPS.

Instead, location is achieved by triangulating those same Wi-Fi and/or Cellular signals, whose location is now known thanks to the “mappers.”

Like in every community, there are the people who do the work and others who benefit from it.

So users who don’t want to map any points, but still want the full featured version of Navizon, need to buy it.

But the money is not going in our pockets, it is going in the pockets of those who make Navizon possible, by mapping the wireless landscape wherever they go.

So if you have a Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iPhone or any phone that supports Java sign up using this: link and start earning money now!

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