DataVis RoadSync – Exchange ActiveSync for Android based devices

RoadVisI have recently acquired a HTC Dream phone, which as you may know runs the ‘Android’ operating system. Which currently has no built in ActiveSync support. which is where RoadSync comes in. 

RoadSync is supports 6 six different operating systems on more the 100+ devices. It connects direct to your companies exchange server, so doesn’t need any other applications running on either your server or PC.

Key Features:

  • Direct Push
  • Remote Wipe
  • Global Address List Look-up
  • Subfolders & Attachments
  • HTML E-mail
  • Tasks
  • Contact Photos
  • Auto-Discovery of Settings
RoadSync is available to download direct from the Android market place, and comes as a 15 day free trial. DataVis currently have an introductory offer price of $9.99 on the full version (normally $19.99). So it’s worth grabbing your copy as soon as possible!
Screen shots:


I have only been using the application for a day now, but as I am away from the office all next week it will be a good test on its usability.
If you know of any alternatives, leave a comment to this post.

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