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TapatalkAny forum admin worth his salt will already know about Tapatalk. Tapatalk is a mobile application designed for most handsets which renders forums in such a way it makes using them from your mobile simple. 

Installation of Tapatalk onto a forum is so simple anyone could do it! No doubt this is going to spread like wildfire, and since I have spent some time configuring my mobile template it made sense that I enable my forum for Tapatalk whilst I was at it.
If you have the Tapatalk application for your mobile, search for MikeSel and you should find my forum!
There are currently applications available for iPhones, BlackBerries, Android and Nokia’s. You can download the client from Tapatalk’s download page
You can read more about it over in my Forum

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Blog on the move

So… This weekend I decided I would leave the car and take an alternative form of transport to the big city. London seems to rapidly becoming like my second home, but each time I’ve been I’ve simply taken the car.

This time I decide I would leave the stress behind and booked on a swanky 49 seater. Now, I’m not a huge fan of public modes of transport. Generally as you don’t get a great deal of room, luckily for me my uncle operates an executive coach company (http://www.cab-travel.com) So I knew the standards would be high.

So here I am, iPod on MacBook out and iPhone tetthered!

I am pretty open to new methods of transport, as the 4 hour drive can be a bit stressful. Next time I plan on trying the train simply for a bit of variation!

Blog posted from my iPhone, so formatting may not be upto much! Shame BlogPress can’t seem to sort that out!

Location:Rossington,United Kingdom

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Just a quick christmas message to everyone connected to me via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo and all the other social networks..
I hope you have got everything you asked for from Santa – but more importantly I hope you and yours have your health and happiness, as really that’s all that counts! Thanks for visiting my site, over the last few years it’s changed radically and I hope it continues to do so.
You never know, one day you may just find one of my posts useful! Until that day, keep following me!! 
Lets hope this year is better for everyone then last year, but not half as good as next year!
Thanks Again
Mike Hudson 

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OOfy for iPhone

The clever people over at Polyideas have come up with this simple, straight forward little app for the iPhone. If you are regularly out of the office on business, but keep forgetting to set your out of office notification then this is for you!

OOfy has been developed around Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, and even though the site claims it’s unable to tell if it will work on 2003, I have tested it on our 2003 server and it works perfectly.
Don’t let the simple interface put you off. The message text box can fit quite a lot of text in, and seems to have no problems transferring it. My out of office message is quite large and detailed, OOfy has no problems handling it at all.
This is easiest enough that even the end user can set up and use, with little help from the IT Staff.
All you will need to know is if your company using outlook web access, the URL to the access and if it uses SSL or not. Simply input the information into OOfy, along with your username and password and your set!
The latest version (1.1) boasts Exchange Server 2010 support – I only have access to an 03 server currently so I can’t test this. 
If your worried about the security of your username and password, you will be pleased to hear it’s all stored securely in the devices ‘keychain’.
Not bad for £0.59!

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Prevent iPhoto's autostart 'feature'

One of Snow Leopards less useful and more annoying features is it’s over helpfulness when plugging in devices such as the iPhone. Automatically starting iPhoto like a Jack Russell tugging at your trouser leg wanting to import your camera roll’s contents. Each time I find my self closing the application down mutter “If I wanted you I would have clicked on you GRRR!” So I decided enough was enough, and disabled the feature. Now, you would expect there to be a checkbox inside the iPhoto application. You may be surprised to know that it’s actually inside a separate application if you launch the Image Capture application (from you applications folder) with your iPhone or camera connected you should see an option in the bottom left hand corner of the app, which is similar to Windows “What to do when” app. Here you are able to select an application to launch when Mac OS X detects the connection of the device. Or do what I do, and select do nothing! Don’t worry – it wont stop iTunes from launching! Just iPhoto.

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