MacHeist Nano Bundle FREE

MacHeist have decided to release their Nano bundle completely free for a limited time only! The MacHeist bundle consists of 6 applications.
  1. ShoveBox – Catch all the little scraps of information that you can’t immediately act on, but don’t want to forget. ShoveBox sits up in your menu bar, waiting for you to drag in text, images, URLs, and more 
  2. WriteRoom – WriteRoom is a simple, but powerful app that provides you with a distraction-free writing environment. WriteRoom does one main thing and does it incredibly well: It’s all about writing…
  3. Twitterific – Twitterrific is an exquisite app that enables you to make the most out of your Twitter experience. It has a clean user interface that’s designed to take up little of your precious desktop space.
  4. TinyGrab – TinyGrab is a simple, powerful app that enables you to quickly share screenshots of everything on your Mac.
  5. Hordes of Orcs – Hordes of Orcs is a Tower Defense strategy game where you build walls and towers to defend your village from orcs gone rogue.
  6. Mariner Write – Mariner Write is a fast, streamlined word processor that’s useful for everyone… professional writers, educators, students, casual computer users, and everyone in-between. It has a simple, elegant user interface so that you can create beautiful documents the very first time you start using it.
So as you can see, an excellent collection of software for your Mac, and for FREE you can’t grumble!

Head over to MacHeist now and grab your bundle!

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VM Gets the IE8 treatment

IE8 Logo

Today I have decided it’s about time I treat my Vista VM to a the delights of Internet Explorer 8. I have not used the browser since it’s early BETA stages, when I was less then impressed by it’s failures to be able to display most websites, and I found the compatability mode a little too slow. So hopefully those bugs will now have been ironed out.

The download is available to the public from IE8’s homepage, the download comes in at 13.3MB, but as with all IE installs, this simply downloads more files from the net prior to installation.

The download finished quite quickly, however with most installs thesedays requires a reboot before it takes effect.

Over the next few hours, I will be using IE8 as my default browser whilst I work on an offline website I am building for someone. I will post back any rantsravesreviews as and when I come across them.

For now – enjoy the future of one of the worlds most commonly used browsers!

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New project kicks off

Today I have started a new project at work.. A mobile version of our help desk ticket system! We are about to roll out 100’s of new mobile phones, and in order to keep tickets down we are releasing a hole new portal specifically for it!

The site will be built with the Nokia E75 in mind. I am building the site in PHP and will be building it around the SupportWorks back end.

Who knows, once it’s done I may even build a mobile interface for my site??

I have also now jumped on the ‘Twitter’ band waggon you can find my twitter profile here:

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PRINCE LogoAs one course comes to a close, the next training course I am enrolled on has started to take off.. In February Arco are putting me through the PRINCE2 course. Which is Project in controlled Enviroments. So basically it’s a projecttime management course. I must admit. I am actually looking forward to doing this one, as I spent allot of time at work planning for and working on projects. So I am more than willing to learn more efficient ways of doing this.


On a side note, my RAPId SMS project has now been delayed, as after a quick post on I have been given some really good ideas and inspiration. So I have knocked the project back to the planning stage. An early BETA of the project should be realised sometime next week. Which should be the shell of what’s to come.


 I will also be making my CRM project available to site members at the end of the month, so should be a busy week next week.


Some of my other projects in the design and planning stages are a ticker tape alerting system, and a windows mobile release of my WoL2009 project.

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