Migrate Mailbox to 365 using PowerShell

Migrating mailboxes to 365 using the GUI options or the website can be time consuming, especially if you have hundreds to do. (Of course, if you was doing batches of mailboxes you’d change this PowerShell to import from a file)

The following, connects to your on premise exchange server, and then connects to your 365 tenant and initiates the transfer of the mailbox.

Note – the on premise exchange server (in my case at least) required credentials in the DOMAIN\USERNAME format, the 365 admin credentials are passed in full UPN format.

Once the above job has been queued, your PowerShell will return to the prompt. If you’d like to get the status of this, or any other move requests currently taking place you can use the Get-MoveRequest commandlet and pipe it to Get-MoveRequestStatistics as per the below

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Snow Leopard Migration Assistant

With the impending arrival of OS X Lion (set to arrive for download in the Mac AppStore around 13:00 GMT 20th July 2011) you may want to grab yourself a copy of the Snow Leopard Migration Assistant. This update to the current Migration Assistant has been released to address current issues with the assistant when migrating your data to the latest version of OS X, Lion.

The migration assistant is a small download weighing in at only 714KB, and will be imperative for all of you OS X users wanting to migrate rather then start from fresh once your hefty 3+GB download of Lion completes tomorrow afternoon.

System Requirements

  •  Mac OS X 10.6.8

Supported Languages

  • Deutsch, English, Français, ???, Español, Italiano, Nederlands, Dansk, Norsk Bokmål, Polski, Português, Português Brasileiro, P??????, Suomi, Svensk, ????, ????, ???

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