The perfect Mac to Mobile Sync Solution?

SyncMateAs most of you will know, I am predominantly a Linux user, having to put up with Windows foibles through my work, and my ‘love’ of Windows Mobile devices. For the last 11 years I have seen little exposure to the whole Macintosh world. That was until Friday, when I wen’t out and purchased a 17″ MacBook Pro. 

One of the first challenges I can across after installing Snow Leopard was to sync the data stored on my windows mobile. Now obviously I can sync the data stored in the file system using Mesh. However I needed to sync my contactstasks and calendar information. With Google sync not an option as my phone already has an exchange activesync connection.
After many hours of googling, I stumbled upon Eltima software’s website. Eltima offer a software solution called SyncMate. The powerful application boasts many features. The most appealing for me was the ability to manage the SMS folders of the device. On my windows boxes I had developed a bespoke application which did this. But of course am currently unable to port to Mac.
Eltima offer a free version of there SyncMate software which kept me entertained for the first 30 minutes, however I soon found my self upgrading to the expert version! Now I don’t think I could be without it.
On my phone (HTC Touch Pro) SyncMate uses a client which listens for connections via both USB and other my wireless network(s). Which works out perfectly for me. Allowing me to send text messages using my phone from a different room in the house. Which seems like a feature you wouldn’t find useful however, when my phone is docked upstairs charging I can be downstairs still communicating with my friends. Although I have not been using the application very long, its truly proving to be another everyday use app on my tool belt. 
If you have used other Mac sync apps, and would like to suggest them please post a comment below. 

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