Mark Esho shortlisted to win Entrepreneurs of Excellence award

Just wanted to post a quick message of congratulations to my web hosts managing director Mark Esho, for his shortlisted entry into the ‘Entrepreneurs of Excellence’ award …

Recognises individuals who have best demonstrated managerial expertise in assembling resources, creating an organisation, decision making under uncertainty, being forward looking, and creatively solving problems.

I have been working with FreeVirtualServers for several years now, and I find there passion for customer service unmatchable by their competition!

I am yet to come across a member of the FreeVirtualServers team who are either unprofessional or unable to solve my problems. I don’t regret the day I registered with FVS and I am pretty sure I will be working with them for many years to come..

You can read more about the awards ceremony over at

Cheers Mark, I hope you win!

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