More MacUpdate Freebies!

The ever so nice chaps over at MacUpdate are offering a nice winter bonus.. For a limited time they have reduced the price of two of their popular software offerings. 

Both applications have been reduced from $35 to a fantastic completely free of charge!! 
Firstly – videobox, which is an excellent application for extracting and downloading flash video’s from all of the popular web hosting sites. Once downloaded it converts it into a native movie format which can then be copied and played on apple devices such as your mac, iPod, iPhone and in iTunes. If you are interested and would like a copy, click on the TV screen above to download.
Next up for the FOC treatment is the equally brilliant MainMenu. MainMenu groups together some of the Mac’s popular menu options into one simple easy to use toolbar based app. Clicking on the app’s icon provides you with simple menu options to rebuild the spotlight library, repair permissions, clean your application cache and even some of the more advanced features. If you are interested and would like a copy, click on the MainMenu icon above to download.
I would also recommend signing up for the MacUpdate newsletter, they release some pretty nifty software which is always worth a look!

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