MacKeeper v2.61 Review


MacKeeper v2.61

As a daily OS X user, I know just how important it is to keep your Mac running as good as new. There’s nothing worse than having to sit and wait for your Mac whilst it processes the most basic of commands and requests.

OS X is a complex beast, and if you don’t do regular maintenance you’ll soon find it grinding to a halt. Sure, there’s hundreds of terminal commands and finder tweaks you can do to clean things up. But with applications such as MacKeeper available to download there’s really no need to fumble around in the terminal.

Launching MacKeeper automatically starts the ‘Fast Cleanup’ scan, which even on my packed 500GB ‘spiny disk’ hard drive takes about 3 minutes to complete. Once done the fresh, easy to use GUI outlines everything MacKeeper is able to clean using it’s “one click” clean process. During the fast cleanup, MacKeeper cleans unused application binaries, empties system and user cache locations, removes unused language files from applications and clears down log file locations.

So what does this mean

By default, when you install applications they also install the required language files to service every possible language. (Which have been packaged with the app) So for example if your Mac OS X is installed with only the UK language packs, chances are you are not going to need the bulk of German, French, Spanish etc language files in each of your installed apps. As you can imagine, these can quite rapidly start taking up storage space.

Equally the cache locations can also become packed out with cache files for each of your used applications. Sure, cache’s are great for speeding up the launch of often used apps. However, no doubt your frequent app use changes every now an then. So it’s always a good idea to regenerate the cache now and again.

Also – log file rotation is often set quite low with some applications, so some log files can be kept for weeks, months or even years. Generally when investigating an issue you would only need a hand full of log files, and would rarely need to go hunting through older logs.

I generally run clean up operations (after a full system backup of course) on a monthly basis and generally clear down between 500mb to 1GB’s worth of accumulated ‘junk’. So imagine if you’ve never performed a cleanup on your two-year old mac!

But wait! There’s more..

Where MacKeeper stands out from the crowds of other system maintenance tools is with its plethora of other built-in utilities and tools. Such as; Duplicates file finder, Disk Usage mapper, Smart Uninstaller, update tracker, data encryptor, file shredder, deleted file recovery, Internet security and theft recovery to name but a few!

That’s a total of apps worth £410.00, that you get bundled with MacKeeper for only £34.95!

The Good:

MacKeeper makes it extremely easy for even the mac novice keep their mac running as good as new, and utilise as much space as possible on the stock hard drive. The utilities are easy to use, and give excellent feedback and detailed instructions of what’s going to happen when you push the buttons etc. Whats more, each tab of the application has the ability to connect you to the MacKeeper support team.

The Bad:

MacKeeper performs tasks that could be done using terminal (if you are brave enough, and have to time to research and practice the commands) although that could be dangerous if you are not a confident terminal user..

The Bottom Line:

This app get’s 5 out of 5 for its ease of use and all round collection of system utilities. With this installed there’s nothing more you will need to keep your mac in ‘tip-top’ condition.


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The ultimate in Mac maintenance – ZeoBIT MacKeeper

Check out the ‘ultimate’ in Mac maintenance software, hot of the shelves from ZeoBIT..

MacKeeper 2012 is a collection of Mac maintenance and security tools, all wrapped up in one neat little package. ZeoBIT really have thought of everything!

MacKeeper has been proven to keep your Mac running in tip top condition, and has managed to rack up a total of 8 awards from some very respectable sources! Including the Five Cow rating from

Check out MacKeeper 2012 features:

  1. Internet Security
    The internet can be a dark and dangerous place for your Mac, stop taking risks now by enabling in-depth security checks each time you browse to a website.
  2. Antivirus Plugin
    Websites can often be home to some pretty nasty virus’s, why take a chance of browsing without Antivirus protection? Despite what some people may say, Mac’s can and do get virus’s.
  3. Anti-Theft
    Everyone fears that time when they realise there beloved Mac has been stolen, should you ever be unfortunate enough to suffer, MacKeeper’s Anti-Theft module will track down your Mac and take snapshots with the built in iSight camera.
  4. Data Encryptor
    Don’t leave your confidential drive contents ‘open to the elements’ encrypt and even hide your data away from prying eyes.
  5. Files Recovery
    Have you ever been in the position where you realise you have accidentally deleted your loved ones photos? Lost your entire music collection? Or even just misplaced one document. Well fear no more with MacKeeper’s File Recovery Module.
  6. Backup
    Don’t ever risk loosing your important information, MacKeeper’s built in Backup module leaves no data unprotected.
  7. Shredder
    Rather then just deleting your files, potentially leaving traces of confidential data all over your hard drive. Destroy it once and for all with Shredder.
  8. Fast Cleanup
    In todays fast paced world you don’t have time to clean up clutter from your Mac, take the bind out of keeping your drive clutter down to a minimum with Fast Cleanup.
  9. Disk Usage
    Disk Usage is perfect if your trying to track down the illusive free drive space.
  10. Duplicates Finder
    Track down duplicate space hogging files using the simple straight forward Duplicates Finder.
  11. Files Finder
    Using preset’s in Files Finder you can quickly and easily track down Video, Audio, Photos, Archives and Applications, or create your own presets.
  12. Smart Uninstaller
    Removing installed applications from you mac can often be a bit of a laborious process… Well not anymore, MacKeeper makes it super simple.
  13. Update Tracker
    Keep all your installed Mac Apps up to date and bug free with the update tracker.
  14. Login Items
    Speed up your Mac’s boot up times by easily tweaking your login items.
  15. Default Apps
    A quick and easy way to manage your Mac’s default application assignments.
  16. Geek on Demand
    Geek on demand gives you quick and easy access to answers to all of your technical questions.

You can take advantage of all of these applications with a massive 90% discount, what should cost £410.60 is only £33.95.. What are you waiting for, go grab a copy now!

You can also download a fully functional trial version by clicking on this link..

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