WakeOnLan for Mac

One thing I always ensure I am able to do, is to control all the devices on my LAN from one single seat. Some may think thats lazy, others may think resourceful. Well I think it’s resourceful! One main part of being able to control equipment is the ability to switch it on without having to actually push a hardware button. To do this you can send it a special ‘magic’ packet over the network. Basically telling the PC’s network card to wake up the p.c.!

There are various applications to do this, one very good one for Mac comes from ReadPixel Software
ReadPixel’s WakeOnLan is quite special in the way that it always keeps it’s list up to date using passive network scanning. Providing an instant view of what devices it discovers on your network. 
Once the list has been populated, you simply right click on the device you would like to power on and tell it to ‘Wake Up!’ Then, as if by magic (and if your network adapter supports it) the device should power up!
It really is as simple as that!
But… HOLD THE PHONE! The features don’t stop there!!
Excerpt taken from RedPixel’s website:

Scheduled Wake Up Calls
In addition to timer based wake up calls, each computer can be scheduled to be woken up frequently at a day of the week (or, weekdays or weekends only) and time of your choice. For example, schedule wake up calls each Sunday night at 04:00AM for backup.

WakeOnLan Dashboard Widget
You need to wakeup some other computer quickly, but don’t want to start the WakeOnLan application? Just press F12 and use the WakeOnLan Widget. Simply select the computer to be woken up and click on the sun. Press F12 again and you’re done.


New for all Mac OS X versions: Dock Menu
Faster access for everyone. Click and hold the WakeOnLan icon in the Dock (while WakeOnLan running), and select any computer to be woken up or put asleep directly from the menu. It doesn’t get any simpler.

About WakeOnLanWakeOnLan is Freeware. It is a Universal Application and runs on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, 10.4 Tiger and 10.3 Panther.

So what are you waiting for? Download your copy now! 
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