Kensington KeyFolio ‘hands on’


What’s it all about….?
So… With thanks to Free Virtual Servers, I recently became the happy owner of a brand new Apple iPad. Something I have toyed with the idea of purchasing for sometime now. Thos who know me will know just how much of an Apple fan I am. With a home that represents the store-room of a local Apple dealer.

Would Steve like it….?
Despite my love of the design an build of the iPad, I’ve never truly bought into its on-screen keyboard. An yes, I have an iPhone, typing on which is natural. Holding the iPad and typing for extended periods of time just leads to aching hands. Don’t get me wrong, in the right environment, the iPad on-screen keyboard holds its own.. However, I am a sucker for a hardware keyboard.

Let the shopping begin….
So out I went into the marketplace, looking for something which would protect my shiny new Apple device, whilst increasing its usability all in one purchase. Now, there are many variants of iPad case with built-in bluetooth keyboard on the market. Ranging from the entry-level £20 unit’s, to the insane £170 top of the range models.

As I already knew my iPad keyboard would not get immense amounts of use, I wanted something that worked well, and didn’t look like I’d made it myself. Which is when I started looking into the Kensington range.

Kensington sit in the mid to top of the range price bracket. With cases between £30 to £70. Each of the cases with keyboards are designed to look like portfolio type books, loved among businessmen the world over.

The KeyFolio has a couple of variations in its range, which include angle adjustable screen rests and more keyboard features etc.

The winner….
I opted for the original KeyFolio, which sports a soft to touch moulded rubber keyboard. With a synthetic leather outer case.

The keyboard took a little getting used to at first, some of the keys are not where you expect them to be, but then I am sure I will get used to that..

The divider….
One thing is for sure, it the case truly does divide the crowds. Much like Marmite, some of my friends like it and the idea of it, where others hate it and everything it’s about.. I for one love it, and think it’s going to serve me well for many a blog post to come..

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