JavaScript Date formatting

JavaScript has some powerful built in features, however one let down (for me) is it’s ability to format date strings off the bat. In a recent project I needed to achieve just that.. Going from a string 1/11/2013 to 01 November 2013. Something which seemed so simple turned out to require a function all of it’s own.

So here’s how I did it:

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Clean up JavaScript and HTML code

?Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 09.48.46As part of the new a new internal website I have recently started working with SharePoint 2013 in the cloud. This is proving to be an extremely powerful platform for development, however working with some of the existing JavaScript files presents a common issue. Upon downloading the file or viewing in Safari on my Mac the code is often garbled up, or displayed all on one line.

In order to get round this, I have located a pretty handy tool online called the JavaScript Beautifier, this is capable of formatting JavaScript, HTML, JSON and JSONP into a much cleaner/easier to read format.

Although I do not normally use automated code formatting tools, this one seems very powerful and offers a lot of control over its actions.

I am now on the hunt for others, especially for ASPX, which often gets chewed up during the download process.

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NetBeans 6.7

Upon switching to Mac OS X I needed to find a new development studio for my PHP works. I searched high and low and read many tutorials from many forums around the world. However, I have finally settled with NetBeans. NetBeans is an open-source application, which is not only capable of syntax highlighting PHP but Java, C/C++, Groovy, Ruby and many many more. It supports many platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS C and even Solaris.

The latest version (6.7) includes integration with Project Kenai which is a collaborative environment for developers working on open-source projects.
The NetBeans website also contains many hands on tutorials and how-to’s to get you started with the NetBeans environment. Developed by the NetBeans community, it’s becoming an excellent resource. Not only for NetBeans usage but also general developed tips and tricks! They even offer online training courses!
The NetBeans developers promote plugin development and host a portal boasting a massive collection of application plugins.
So, what are you waiting for? Download your NetBeans IDE now!

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