iPhone 6s production commenced

Electronics_factory_in_Shenzhen A reputable source has reported back to Bloomberg that Apple have just given the orders to Zhen Ding Technology and Flexium Interconnect to start production of the all new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus models. iPhone fans of the world rejoice, as production looks on track for an August release as per Ming-Chi Tou’s predictions.

Sources suggest that the new 4.7″ iPhone 6s will be 0.15 mm longer and 0.2 mm thicker then the current model thanks to 7000 series aluminium, and will sport a very interesting ‘Force Touch’ feature, introduced in the Apple Watch earlier this year. Which, if the rumours are to be believed will be able to tell the difference between the contact areas of the finger on the screen. Which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the hand set and application developers.

Along with the internal changes suggested to be on their way, there’s also rumours that Apple will be offering a brand new colour option for the new iPhone range. The colour ‘rose gold’ has recently been seen in the all new Apple Watch edition launch. Not to everyones liking, but will certainly compliment the other available colours.

As the Force Touch is brand new technology, Apple bloggers are suggesting there’s a good chance that production delays will be experienced as they potentially iron out issues with the technology.


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iPhone 6s / iPhone 7 potentially landing in August

iphone-7-xrqA recent announcement form a source (which has often proved to be correct) has suggested Apple’s latest (and greatest yet?) is scheduled to land a little earlier then expected.. KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo tags the iPhone 6s / iPhone 7 release date as being sometime in August, and not the original (and standard) September date.

KGI’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has listed 11 features he suggests we may get to see on the next iPhone revision, and also put to bed rumours of a smaller 4inch model:

  • Screen sizes are to remain at 4.7 and 5.5.
  • A new colour case will be added to the mix, the rose gold colour as featured in the recent Apple Watch Edition releases
  • The rear facing camera is likely to be capable of 12MP snaps, some other sources also suggest the camera will no longer protrude from the flat casing of the phone
  • An additional microphone will be added on the rear of the device to improve voice quality of call
  • The A9 processor will be used, along side 2GB of LPDDR4 memory
  • Several design and mechanical adjustments will be made to prevent potential repeats of ‘bend-gate’
  • Several improvements will be made to the Touch ID chip and workings to further the take-on of Apple Pay
  • Introduction of force sensitive touch screen, enabling more input methods, including handwriting, and signature support

As Ming-Chi Kuo has known to be slightly out on his launch dates in the past, I personally am remaining sceptical on this one.. However, worth reporting non the less – who knows, they may surprise us all!



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iPhone 6s to get 1080p front facing camera?

  Rumour has it that an early iOS 9 adopter has discovered code lerking deep in the depths of the recently released OS, which suggests the next iPhone may actually have a front facing camera which will support 1080p!

If the rumour from Hamza Sood is correct, selfie takers of the world over will soon be overjoyed! 

The code also suggests the introduction of a front facing flash too.. 

Good find Hamza.. Let’s hope this really is true, and the iPhone 6s gets the camera overhaul it deserves! 

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