VM Gets the IE8 treatment

IE8 Logo

Today I have decided it’s about time I treat my Vista VM to a the delights of Internet Explorer 8. I have not used the browser since it’s early BETA stages, when I was less then impressed by it’s failures to be able to display most websites, and I found the compatability mode a little too slow. So hopefully those bugs will now have been ironed out.

The download is available to the public from IE8’s homepage, the download comes in at 13.3MB, but as with all IE installs, this simply downloads more files from the net prior to installation.

The download finished quite quickly, however with most installs thesedays requires a reboot before it takes effect.

Over the next few hours, I will be using IE8 as my default browser whilst I work on an offline website I am building for someone. I will post back any rantsravesreviews as and when I come across them.

For now – enjoy the future of one of the worlds most commonly used browsers!

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Create an Internet Explorer Favorite VBScript

Use this simple script to create an internet explorer favorite link to the Microsoft MSDN library.

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FIX: Blank search window & System Restore in Win XP

Recently I was faced with a windows XP service pack 2 PC running internet explorer 7, with microsoft office 2000 on. All service packs were up to date.

Microsoft Outlook was unable to display HTML e-mails, and both system restore and windows search open blank, apart from the toolbar on the left hand side which includes the ‘dog’ desktop helper.

I had tried removing internet explorer version 7, all the way back to internet exlporer 5. This made no difference. I then tried reinstalling XP Service Pack 3, but to no avail.

We had 2 seperate devices with the same issue on the network, one a laptop the other was a desktop.

After many hours of head scratching and googling.. I managed to find a solution!!

You can download IEFix from here

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