A special note of thanks

Thank YouI’d like to take this special opportunity to thank some pretty special people.. Without these people my life would not be as easy, my evenings would not be as free and my hair would be lost!

My first thank you goes to Mark Esho, a true visionary – who has created something spectacular. Something that fulfils all of my web hosting needs.

My other thank you’s go to the following list of people, all of which have been there for me through thick and thin, and have supported me at the most ungodly of hours!

Kate A, John P, Liz S, Tom I, Liz, Scott, Kat, Tom, Ashton, Alex, Roger, Robert and last but not least Liam

All of these very special people have helped to keep one of the 12 domains I administrator! Not only do they really know there stuff, they truly excel at customer support and service. Talking me down from often frustrated heights, and helping me get the site back up and running with the least possible delay.

I would also like to give Tom an extra ‘thanks’ – Tom took it upon him self to work closely with me and my monster of a website, to help me figure out why it was eating into valuable CPU time. An rather then just landing a bill on my door mat, we finally managed to rain it in and get it back under control! Thank you Tom, you efforts certainly did not go unnoticed!

I’d also like to thank the guys behind the @FVSWebhost twitter account and the people behind the @FVSTech twitter account!

Now finally – I would also like to thank East Internet’s Marketing Exec, for breaking the good news to me.. Thank you Timo!

Before you all accuse me of posting a ‘bafta-esque’ blog post, I’d like to remind people that you could win the competition you keep thinking about entering, it does actually happen to normal people! Not just staff at the company offering the competition.. An how do I know this you ask? Well I was very lucky enough to qualify for FreeVirtualServers recent competition. If you missed it, please make sure you check out the new competition! You have till November the 29th to enter, you can find out more here

Thank you once again.. Here’s to many more years of partnership!

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