MediaCenter PC goes Passive

Passive FanWith thanks to my friend Mark, I have now ordered the parts to get rid of the annoying drone of the CPU fan in my MediaPC. I have just ordered a Cooler Master RR-600-NNU1-GP Hyper Z600 Passive CPU Cooler Heatsink With Six Heatpipes from along with the long awaited 2GB RAM upgrade, also from

I have spent the last few days looking for a reliable and working method to ‘ripping’ my dvd’s to .mov files so I can play them direct from MediaPortal and I have hopefully just found it! I am currently downloading DVD Ripper 8.1.1 which claims to be able to convert DVDs to VCD (MPEG1), AVI, SVCD (MPEG2) and DivX (MPEG4) formats.

So hopefully this afternoon I should be able to start filling up my hard drives with my DVD collection!

I have always planned an upgrade to Vista ultimate for this PC, but if MediaPortal continues to excel my expectations I will happily stick with my current set up!

Right, back to ripping DVD’s

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