Random Password Generator

This is a really really simple random password generator. At the moment it’s very much featureless. It works, but doesn’t look pretty.

When I get a bit more spare time I intend on sprucing this up and coding many more optionsfeatures..

This is the very first BETA version of the application and it currently contains no graphic enhancements of any kind.


  • Generates a random password of any length
  • Copies password straight to the clipboard

Version History – First BETA released, no known bugs, many more features to come! – Added options form, to enable user to specify included characters, added ‘About’ feature – Added option for user to specify custom charecters in the generation, added ‘Donate’ menu option – Locked form size, added timer to clear applications status once password had been generated and added a new start menu icon.

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If you are having problems with this application please post a message in the forum

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