MacUpdate Desktop 5.0

MacUpdate Desktop 5.0 is essentially an automatic update application which covers over 30,000 Mac applications. Desktop 5.0 has a really simple easy to use interface. Almost instantly displaying a list of all the apps installed on your Mac, and shows you which (if any) currently have updates available for them. But wait! It doesn’t stop there, simply by clicking on the out of app gives you the option to download and install the update without even leaving the application! This is ideal if you have a large collection of apps which are regularly updated. There’s even an option to update all out of date applications at the click of a button!

Not only does desktop cover your apps, but it’s also capable of checking for and downloading updates for widgets, screen savers and preference pane apps.
Once you have downloaded and installed your updates the view switches to enable you to quickly confirm all updates have been installed successfully.
The application also supports watchlists (see picture to the left) which enables you to group together your applications, so that you can perform updates on only one category of application at a time. Handy if you are short on time, but want to update all of your regular use apps at once!
MacUpdate Desktop 5.0 is a subscription based service which is $20 per year, however for that you get some additional member only benefits:
  • Website watch lists – the website watch lists enable MacUpdate Desktop 5.0 to monitor and auto-sync watch lists from
  • Daily Newsletter – Members get the added benefit of receiving a daily email featuring all the new software titles released that day
  • Customisable Layout – As a member you receive access to an additional three different layout designs to choose from
  • Email update notifications – If you don’t want the pain of having to run the update check each time, you can sign up to be notified of new updates matching keywords of your choice
  • Hide banner ads – As a member, you also get the option of switching off the banner ad’s that the application displays
  • and more
MacUpdate Desktop 5.0 is also available as a 10 day free trial, so what are you waiting for!! 

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