Resolved: Inconsistency in the installer database.

After the recent trauma of the last reinstall of OS X Lion, I came across a bit of an issue with the installation of CS 5. No matter what options I chose when doing the trial install, it always ended with the same error.. “Inconsistency in the installer database. Please restart your computer and install again.”

Not even the restart fixed it, which we all know is not very often the case!

Having spent a few frantic hours googling and trying out potential solutions, I finally came across the Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner. A quick run of the tool and finally the install worked!

You can find out more information about the cleanup tool here. Alternatively you can grab the clean up utility using the following link: Direct Download

It’s also worth pointing out, that event though the clean up tool may not be able to find the installation, click the cleanup button anyway. Now restart the trial installer, and you should find it will install as expected.

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