Save 50% off SugarSync’s Subscription Plan

Unfortunately this has now expired. Please check back soon for a new code.

The kind folk over at SurgarSync have recently come up with a cunning plan to make you ‘cloud’ storage users very happy people! They are offering a massive 50% off the subscription plans, however this offer is only available until Feb 29th 2012. The chart to the right is the current pricing structure before the discount. So for the 30GB storage plan, you’d only be paying $24.99! What’s more, if you take out a subscription plan, and then change your mind, as long as you cancel within the first 30 days you won’t be charged. That’s right.. Not one penny!

SurgarSync is rapidly becoming top of the game in cloud based storage.. If you’d like to see how SugarSync measures up against is competition check out this chart

If you have not yet had the pleasure of checking out the SurgarSync client I strongly recommend you do. I personally prefer it to the DropBox client.


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My highlights from #WWDC2011

So – as every apple fan boi sits down to watch streams from deep inside the WWDC it soon becomes apparent that the streams are few and far between. What few streams available are ropey at best. I will never understand the reason behind the no streaming rules from Apple.

Ahh well – least we still get to see live picsupdates from MacRumours

Rather then try and compete with the thousands of sources for news, I just wanted to do a quick round up of the features I am looking forward to detailed at the WWDC.

So here goes….

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Review: Microsoft My Phone

Microsoft My PhoneMicrosoft have recently opened up their ‘mobile cloud’ service to BETA testers. Microsoft My Phone is basically a sync service for the items on your phone. However, where this one differs is it stores items such as your contacts, calendar, tasks, text messages, photos, videos, music and documents all in one password protected online location.

The service syncs with Windows Mobile devices using a small sync client. The sync client works a little like ActiveSync in such a way that in can either be set up on a schedule or sync’s can be performed manually. Allowing you 200.00 MB’s worth of online storage space, all linked to your Windows Live account.

There are some downsides to the solution. Especially if you already sync with an exchange server. This unfortunatly prevents you from syncing your calendar, contacts, and tasks etc with the service. You can however continue to sync the other items on your phone.

I can see the service being used as a backup in case of lost or stolen phones, or simply as a way to easily access the documents stored on your phone in situations where you are unable to connect your phone to a PC. Like in a cyber cafe perhaps?

One of the benefits of this service over some of the others, is it’s ability to backup files stored on a storage card!

You can find more information about Microsoft My Phone over at it’s official website

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