Blog on the move

So… This weekend I decided I would leave the car and take an alternative form of transport to the big city. London seems to rapidly becoming like my second home, but each time I’ve been I’ve simply taken the car.

This time I decide I would leave the stress behind and booked on a swanky 49 seater. Now, I’m not a huge fan of public modes of transport. Generally as you don’t get a great deal of room, luckily for me my uncle operates an executive coach company ( So I knew the standards would be high.

So here I am, iPod on MacBook out and iPhone tetthered!

I am pretty open to new methods of transport, as the 4 hour drive can be a bit stressful. Next time I plan on trying the train simply for a bit of variation!

Blog posted from my iPhone, so formatting may not be upto much! Shame BlogPress can’t seem to sort that out!

Location:Rossington,United Kingdom

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Google AdWords

I have been speaking to a Google AdWords representative recently about advertising for It’s nice to know that they havn’t even seen any money yet, but there already trying to help us set it up.

As I was busy at work at the time, they have even offered to call me back, which they are doing tonight.. So hopefully by the end of the weekend we will have the Adwords account up and running!

I have also started to work on a 2D barcode application after my visit to Halifax last week, so watch this space for demo’s of that!

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The web rating challenge

PageRankRecently my uncle was approached by a company offering to improve the Google PageRank of his companies website for a sum of money.. Now, somewhere out there I am sure there are geniune people who work this in the right way.. However this person was talking overnight transformations, which unless you live under a stone you should know that this is impossible.

Up until now I haven’t had much to do with my uncles site. Mainly due to project workloads and general day to day tasks.. However, I took this as a good opertunity to test my skills and see if I could improve it. So starting from Sunday I am going to do all maner of things to the site.

The site currently scores 45 over at Which is a good indication that the site needs work.

I plan on doing the following to the site:

  1. Create a 301 Redirect to send all traffic to This is a good way of ensuring google handles both addresses as one site.
  2. Unify the meta tagsmeta description.
  3. Get the site listed in all manor of online directories.
  4. Set up an analytics account in order to drill down on the traffic it currently receives.
  5. Set up xml site maps for submission to all of the major search engines.
  6. Finally.. Sit back and watch the rating slowly increase on the same site I first tested it on. To prove you too can improve your sites rating and traffic for free with just a little investment of time!

If you are interested in seing the results of the trial then check back here a week on Sunday for more information!

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