Today Ive mostly been learning about ITIL

LifeCycleSince I started working at Arco in Hull there was a lot of talk around bringing ITIL best practices into the company and into the way the service desk works.

Today I sat through day one of a three day ITIL foundation course. Although a lot of the content of the course makes sense, and is common sense. Doing things the ITIL was is not something I am used to, and will be a large change in the way I work.

Tonight is our first night of ‘home work’ on the ITIL course, so the first thing I did when I got home was to get out the books and start studying….. Approximately 5 minutes into my studying I was already bored. So I decided the only way I would be able to actually continue studying ITIL whilst at home would be to do it online.

No great surprise to those of you who know me, and recognise the fact that a laptop is nearly constantly on my knee!

So away I went, my first step of course was Google.

I found a large amount of ITIL documentation and links around the ITIL subject, which I was easily able to sort into two groups.As I didn’t want to be bombarded with sales callsemails I skipped any sites which required registration and continued to look for Free sites and downloads.

I soon found that there are quite a few podcasts available via Apple’s iTunes, which I downloaded… Whilst listening to the podcasts I found a few mock exam websites, which I then started working through.. Here’s a few links to those tests:

As I am studying for my exam on Wednesday, I am currently unable to release the changes I have made to my BETA releases as previously planned.

Right……… Back to studying..

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