Bash/QHost.WB found in the wild

FlashA new trojan called Bash/QHost.WB is doing it’s rounds amongst Mac users, the trojan purports to be a Adobe Flash installer for OS X. Whilst secretly hijacking your hosts file, redirecting all attempts to access Google webpages to a fake page hosted in the Netherlands.

The trojan is also designed to bug the user and presumably earn the writer cash by popping up adverts on the victims machine.

Many people believe OS X is immune from virus infection due to its need for elevated privileges in order to install such software. However users are being tricked into thinking this is the real thing, and are installing the trojan.

It’s always best to avoid third party software hosting sites when downloading/installing software, and for Flash you’re best downloading direct from Adobe‘s website. Not only will this ensure you get a true Flash installation, but also that you get the latest available version.

If you have been infected by this, or any other Mac virus you can download a copy of Sophos AntiVirus for Mac for free from Sophos’s website.

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