Mark Esho shortlisted to win Entrepreneurs of Excellence award

Just wanted to post a quick message of congratulations to my web hosts managing director Mark Esho, for his shortlisted entry into the ‘Entrepreneurs of Excellence’ award …

Recognises individuals who have best demonstrated managerial expertise in assembling resources, creating an organisation, decision making under uncertainty, being forward looking, and creatively solving problems.

I have been working with FreeVirtualServers for several years now, and I find there passion for customer service unmatchable by their competition!

I am yet to come across a member of the FreeVirtualServers team who are either unprofessional or unable to solve my problems. I don’t regret the day I registered with FVS and I am pretty sure I will be working with them for many years to come..

You can read more about the awards ceremony over at

Cheers Mark, I hope you win!

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Jetpack Joyride wins Gamasutra Mobile Game of 2011

Yesterday was a good day for the lucky guys over at Halfbrick Studios! The very popular (and free!) iOS game ‘Jetpack Joyride’ won the best mobile game of 2011 award! The game has received a consistent 4 1/2 star rating through each version released, with over 62793 Ratings on the current version, it’s clear to see it’s a popular download to in the iOS gaming world.

Winning an award like that against so many over titles really is something to be proud of! I must admit, I am not really an iOS gamer.. But there’s something about this which makes it really addictive.

Big congratulations on the award!

You can download Jetpack Joyride from the iTunes store now


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